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Repairs Done Right

March 19, 2013

If you want your repairs done right these are the people to call. I've had a lot done on my trailer which is in the middle of a cow pasture, namely, roof repair, new air conditioner installed, and floor of nearly half the trailor. I couldn't be happier with the results. I have them scheduled for more soon. You could say they are rebuilding it. The price was very reasonable. If you want it done right call the Campbell team you won't regret it.

L. Jeffery

Good Craftsman

September 2011

It is always great to find good people and good craftsmen that care about people and take great pride in what they do. You and David both foot the bill. It was my pleasure to pass you on to great buddy.

Edwin W.


September 2011

Excellent service, reasonable prices, and really good advice about what to do and what not to do, and they are really nice people, too. I know I will use them again.

Kirk J.

Good People

September 2011

It is not always you come across good people and you two are ones I am proud to know you. I have always tried to pass on the good all my life and seem to have gotten that from my father who was a truly kind man.

I am very happy for you two with all the good things going on in your lives. It is great you are so busy, there are many who are having to close their doors. Anyway, keep your plow clean and keep up the great work. If I can ever do anything for you all, just let me know.

Scott P.

Great Service

November 14, 2013

Here is my testimony: I live in the Dallas area and could not find a service center that would help me fix my A/C. I googled RV repair Dallas TX and it came up with this shop in Austin TX. To far away for them to service me but I called anyway. When they realized that I had some general knowledge they did some general troubleshooting questions with me and advised me on a solution, even gave me the information to call the parts house to get what I needed. I you are looking for a honest company for your RV repair needs you can't go wrong here.



Merchant Circle

October 2010

Dear Campbell's Mobile RV Repair,

Congratulations! A local customer reviewed your Central Texas business. This review appears on your MerchantCircle business listing and lets potential customers know what others think of your product and services.

These guys are good!:

I called these folks based upon the reviews and I am glad I did! David and Pamela talked to me over the phone and told me what to expect. They are busy with customers earned from referrals, so I had to wait 2 weeks for them to make the repairs to my RV, but it was worth it. They arrived just as they said they would and started right to work. They worked quickly and very competently. I spoke to them afterwards and got a full a report. The charges were reasonable and well documented. They repaired my awning, installed an exterior electric outlet and repaired my bath vent cover. Call these guys if you want a fairly priced and well done job performed. Just relax, expect a good job and be patient, beacuse good help is worth waiting for!

Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness, Other

Very informative, friendly, kind and thoughtful. Very out going workmanship was awesome will definitely keep there card and give one to my friend.

OMG, Totally honest and Knowledgeable Company.

March 4, 2019

As a Building Contractor with over 40 years in the industry, I can't express how much I appreciate their customer service. My RV water heater wouldn't restart, I had checked all the connections and checked the valve, and could not solve the issue. I priced a new unit for over $400.00, and found a new thermostat and circuit board for almost $300.00, after talking with Dave and Pam, and sending pictures of the unit, they walked me through a solution, after hanging up with them, and 10 minutes later, I have hot water, for the first time in 2 days, I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO RECOMMEND THEM FOR RV SERVICE.

Michael C.

Honesty and Quality

May 2, 2015

I had a recent purchased 2006 Bounder. It was a patch job of materials for roof sealant and I knew time was not on my side. I handed it over to David and Pam to get the roof done right for many miles. They were great and worked extra hard to meet a compressed deadline neither of us planned on. It not only was clean and tidy but looked much better than I expected. The roof is do for a maiden voyage in June now and I have peace of mind going on the trip because of the pride in their work. I would suggest the RV dealers of the world the a page from the book of Excellent work these two do and honesty on the quality of work and needs to do it right the first time.

Tony P.

Great Service

November 14, 2013

Great service! It's almost too easy.

Kate R.

Friendly and Professional

March 31, 2014

David and Pamela arrived exactly when they said they would, diagnosed and corrected the problem I was having in no time. They were friendly, professional, efficient and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend giving them a call if you have any repair issues with your RV.

Peter B.

Repeat Customer

December 23, 2013

Wishing you Happy Holidays and MORE!!!!! The trailer is better than when it was bought. We were up there during REAL cold weather and I didn't have to wear a stocking cap and sleep under 4 quilts. Quite a change.

Linda J.

Extensive Hail Damage

September 25, 2013

Repeat customer. Completely satisfied again. Talk to Pam before you talk to your insurance agent. She more than doubled my insurance check due to extensive hail damage

Tony B.

Trailer Leveling

October 11, 2013

Once again, you came through with flying colors. Kept in touch, arrived as promised, and did a great job of leveling the big trailer. Thank you!

Kay A.

Very Knowledgeable

August 10, 2013

David and Pamela are absolutely amazing! I called them for advice and they put me on speaker phone and gave me tons of tips on how to buy my first RV and what to look for. I even texted him for info and he was responsive and very knowledgeable. 5 star rating from me!

Michelle L.

Great Work!

November 11, 2012

You guys rock! You’re absolutely awesome to work with. Thank both of you soo much!

R Haire

Great Work!

November 11, 2012

Hello David and Pamela,

Sorry I couldn't talk with you before you left Friday. I was really busy at work, and couldn't break free.

As always, you do First-Class-Five Star work. Thank you for a great job! I will tell anyone who needs work done on their RV to call you. You work from the time you arrive until you leave. You work hard, and you work smart.

Thanks again,

Larry and Sandy

Don't Get In Trouble!

June 2012

WOW, So Absolutely Honest And Helpful, I wanted to Kiss and Hug Them but figured I would get in trouble! Call these guys First and Only. The Best!

Mark M.

Honest and Knowledgeable

May 2012

A real pleasure dealing with David and Pamela. Very honest and knowledgeable. Make sure you talk to them before going elsewhere.

Extremely pleased. Tony

Tony B.

Expert Repair

August 2011

Hey Guys,

It was great to see you yesterday, as always, and thanks for always being here when I need you (as, ahem, I’m sure I will continue to do in this older rig). You know, it’s really a double bonus to have not only expert repair help but also pleasant personalities to go along with it—and you two fit the bill on both counts!

Looking forward to seeing you again on November 9. Until then take care and stay as cool as you can out in this weather.


Enjoyable Experience

August 2011

You guys are awesome. We really enjoyed meeting yall. We will call if problems arise. Thanks again.



March 2011

The most honest, competent, caring folks I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. They have rescued me on 3 occasions so far. Thank you!!


Swift Response

June 2010

Outstanding Trustworthy Competent Team

We recently had problems with the stabilizer jacks on on our travel trailer. Luckily we found Dave and Pams RV Repair, gave them a call and their response was immediate. They obtained and provided the parts needed (at their cost), fixed my stabilizer jack problem in less than an hour and charged an incredibly fair price. No dealer hassles, no jacked up dealer costs and quality work that I could see and count on. Hopefully I won't have any more problems right away but if I do Dave and Pam are the first people I will call.

Mike & Sybil

Outstanding Trustworthy Competent Team:

June 2010

We recently had problems with the stabilizer jacks on on our travel trailer. Luckily we found Dave and Pams RV Repair, gave them a call and their response was immediate. They obtained and provided the parts needed (at their cost), fixed my stabilizer jack problem in less than an hour and charged an incredibly fair price. No dealer hassles, no jacked up dealer costs and quality work that I could see and count on. Hopefully I won't have any more problems right away but if I do Dave and Pam are the first people I will call.

Hire David's Repair Service First!

October 27, 2009

It has taken awhile for me to find a search engine that I could write a review on and I wasn't going to stop untill I found one. If there is anything wrong with your camper trailer or rv, you MUST call them first. This husband and wife team were unbelievable. My trailer had one whole corner that was rotted. The wood, paneling everything. The other places wanted me to come to them and most charged $100+ an hour plus $105 - $115 just for estimates. David and Pamela of David's Repair Service repair fixed my trailer for less than half of the cost of the other places I talked to. And on top of everything, there is no quit in this team. David spent at least 5 hours outside in the sun with no shade on a freak October day when the heat index was 103 degrees. I could barely stand outside and watch him work. And his wife was right there with him the whole time. And after all day in the sun, they were still just as nice when they were working on some of the plumbing too. David has all the experience you could ask for when it comes to trailers and RVs. He did the work exaclty how I asked him to and they were always on time, and had a great sense of humor. It almost makes me wish there was more wrong with my trailer so they could make more improvements to it. Bottom line is if your in the I-35 corridor and need a repair done, don't even bother with anyone else unless throwing money away is your kind of game. With best regards from a highly satisfied customer.

Hunter B.


July 2010

David is a Master Craftsman. He installed a residential refrigerator in our RV. It was a custom installation, and he finished and trimmed it out first-class. Pamela engaged me in conversation and kept me from getting in David's way (ha ha). I highly recommend this team. They are on-time, fairly-priced, and professional. Thank you David and Pamela for an excellent job.

Great service !!!!!

July 06, 2009

These guys know their stuff! They came out to me and fixed my awning and leveled my trailer. I could not be happier. Anyone that has RV issues be sure to call these guys!!


Saved Me.

"Pam was wonderful to speak with over the phone! She saved me from buying a potential money pit rv...."

Rachel P.

Down to Earth

February 15, 2017

Down to earth nice people who know what they are doing

High Degree of Customer Service

July 26, 2016

Thank you SO much for the prompt return call, the time you spent explaining options and your follow-up email! It's amazing to see a business exhibit the degree of customer service you have in helping me solve my RV problems - and I wasn't even one of your prior customers! Well, count me in as one now!


Family owned Family operated and they treat you like family

February 22, 2016

They treated me like a favorite family member not the crazy smelly old Aunt . I bought a used travel trailer and knew I needed the old dicor removed and new quality dicor applied. I had so much trouble finding someone that wanted to do the job right. This is copied from their website: " We actually spend the necessary time to remove ALL the OLD sealant before we apply anything new. The last thing you want is a "repair man" climbing on your roof covering up your problem. Prep is the key to a quality reseal job or any of the above. Our Roof replacements are better than factory installations. Our roof repair jobs, we go a step above the rest. Call us and talk about your roof issues, we have many options available that can save you money and it will be done right!"

And that is precisely what they did. They charged me exactly what they paid to purchase quality dicor; and their labor /service call charges were very reasonable. If you want a job done right ? Either do it yourself or call David and Pamela. I have 15 years experience in Hotel maintenance and if I was able this job it would have looked just as they left it. I may be too old to get up on a roof ; but , I am still very Picky and knowledgeable about the job I want done . I would recommend them for any of their services and plan to use them again for my projects. Thank you Pam and David for being kind and honest people. Y'all rock on !

Teresa R.

Dependable and Accurate

November 11, 2016

Pam & David

Just wanted to send you both a sincere thank you for your assistance on our questions we had. I've been in my field long enough to know the value of dependable and accurate help, and the two of you do just that. Again, thank you very much for being the kind of people that you are.

David L.

I really appreciate you guys!

July 19, 2016

I just wanted to recommend David and Pam to anybody who needs service on their RV. I found them with a Google search and took a chance by calling them without recommendations. They came out and did a quick check on my pop up camper and found out that what I thought was a problem was not a problem at all. Then David proceeded to show me a different issue which did turn out to be a problem that I was unaware of. In all, they both spent over one hour of time in the hot sun. I really appreciate you guys! I will definitely be calling you next time (that I have a real problem!)


Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness

April 14, 2016

You are a charming couple, obviously work well together , we will recommend you anytime we can. Thanks


Expert Knowledge

February 16, 2016

Just got off the phone with you (Dave and Pam). Thank you both so much for sharing your expert knowledge with a do it yourself-er. You are a heck of a tag team. I think I was the one who had to "Tap" out. That service, work ethics and personality is rare now a days and you guys are special. I am sure I will be in touch again when I dig into the project a little deeper...Just hope my pockets don't have to get deeper too.

Thanks again and appreciate ya'll


May 6, 2015

Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness--David and Pamela are great!

Clifford M.

Electrical Problems

April 30, 2015

You all made my day. You spent an hour on the phone with me and walked me through every step to determine the cause of my electrical problems and you were so nice and patient to help me figure it out that it literally brought tears to my eyes. The parts have been ordered and I feel so relieved already knowing that I have honest and kind folks in my corner. I can't thank you enoough.

Lesly M.

Helpful and Fast

January 17, 2014

I would definitely recommend David's repair service for on-site trailer repair. Not only did they solve very quickly some problems I had with my trailer, they explained to me a lot about the use and maintenance of it going forward. Very reasonable bill for their time

Don B.

Working Perfectly

January 17, 2014

Just wanted to drop you and David a line to say that the camper is working perfectly. No leaks, A/C works well, no weirdness at all. Colin has been settling in since the repairs were finished and it's made a nice little space for him.

You've got a solid reference here if you ever need it.

Thank you!

Colin "T"

Expert Service

December 2011

You know, you guys are not only expert RV technicians, you’re also wonderful human beings and it’s always a pleasure to get to visit with you when this old rig needs a doctor! Here’s wishing the very best for you in the coming year.


Outstanding Work

December 2011

I just have to say what an awesome experience my husband and I had with working with David and Pam. We had some dry rot on our 1999 5th wheel RV and weren't sure who to call. When I came across David's Repair Service online and looked at other repairs they had done, I was confident they could do the repairs on our trailer. They did the repairs on site at our home which meant we didn't have to lose any time from work and their dry rot work was outstanding! They also fixed a leak on the roof and resealed the roof and every window. The trailer looks so much cleaner after all the repairs. I highly recommend them to anyone needing repairs on their RV and will call them again should I need them.

Wanda B.


May 2011

All I can say is - THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME! I had the unfortunate experience of sideswiping a tree on my first outing with my 2009 Wildcat 28RKBS. Being a newbie RVer I had no idea where to turn. Lucky for me David's Repair Service turned up on my Google search. Pamela responded very quickly to my request and explained how they do their work onsite. David and Pamela went to my storage lot and took photos, prepared an estimate, submitted to me and my insurance carrier, ordered the parts and told me it would be 3 to 4 weeks for parts. Right on schedule they started, completed overhauling the driver's side damage, replacing damaged parts and doing fiberglass repair. David said that it would look better than new and at the time I thought--yeah right, I'll be happy if it just looks good. Guess what, he was right! David is a master craftsman and as such is very proud of his work--as he should be. He and Pamela are great to work with, did exactly wh at they said they would do when they said they would do it, and communicated with me every step of they way. If you need repairs or modifications to your RV, call David's Repair Service--you won't be sorry you did!

Doug M.

Trustworthy AC Repair

July 22,2009

Ac at 50 deg last time i checked. It was a pleasure meeting and dealing with trustworthy hard working people like your self. You just don't come along decent good people like you that often. The kind of folk you would like to call your friends!!! And i will tell everyone that i know that what ever they need to be sure and call you guys