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Our Most Popular Services

Expert Roof Reseal, Roof Replacements, and Roof Repair

We actually spend the necessary time to remove ALL the OLD sealant before we apply anything new. We have created our own system to get all the old Dicor Lap Sealant off. We ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT DO THIS to insure a proper and adequate roof reseal job! It's our own invention!!
The last thing you want is a "repair man" climbing on your roof covering up your problem. Prep is the key to a quality reseal job or any of the above. Our Roof replacements are better than factory installations. Our roof repair jobs, we go a step above the rest. Call us and talk about your roof issues, we have many options available that can save you money and it will be done right!

Expert Water Rot and Damage Repair for Roofs, Walls, and Flooring

This is one of our BEST talents. David’s Repair Service can repair your water rot damage whether it’s in the roof, walls or floor and make your problem area better than when your rv was built. We repair this type of damage using higher quality materials and ingenious talent that is not used elsewhere.

Exterior Aluminum Siding Replace / Repair

We don’t mark up the materials like the other guys do! What we pay, you pay. We NEVER mark up our materials. Check our gallery for pictures of our amazing work!

Plumbing and Electrical

We use real plumbing and electrical parts, not typical RV parts that put you right back to where you started in the beginning!


Our Other Services

Air Conditioners

There are many brands to choose from, Durotherm, Dometic, RVP, Airxcel, Penguin but we like Coleman Mach the most!  

Furnaces, Converters, Ovens, and Stoves

Whether it’s a Norcold, Dometic, Atwood, Suburban, Parallax, Progressive Dynamics, WFCO, Inteli-power, Solid State, or any other brand, we install it or repair it. Call to find out your other options when it comes to refrigerators.

Hot Water Heaters

Call us to find out your options for hot water heater replacement. We can save you money on new hot water heaters!

Refrigerator Repair and Replacement

The typical RV refrigerator brands are brands Norcold and Dometic. Call us to talk about your options on Refrigerator replacements. Don’t let the standard industry take you on refrigerator issues! David’s Repair Service has saved many customers on cost and choices!


Exterior Repairs and Body Damage

We do fiberglass repairs and aluminum siding replacements. Call David’s Repair Service for your exterior repairs and body damage with no materials mark-up cost. We have a testimonial on our web site concerning David’s aluminum replacement on a fifth wheel that says, “David’s work is better than factory!” We claim to do repairs better than factory and our customers agree!! Check out our testimonials they are from real people, not written from somebody’s desk.

Window Replacements and Repairs

This is another area where David’s Repair Service can save you money. In many cases, there are options out there for window glass replacements and repairs that beat the typical repair/replacement standard. Call us and see what we can do for you.

Hail Damage

We know all too well what hail can do to your rv and that feeling you get when you walk out after a storm and see the hail dents that the storm left on your recreational vehicle. Call David’s Repair Service.

We will come out to you, take the pictures, do the estimate and file it with your insurance company to get you the insurance money you deserve in order to repair your unit.

Insurance companies love us because we don’t mark up the materials like everybody else and this helps save the insurance company on money being paid out. We are much cheaper than the other guys and by us being cheaper, we save YOU money all around.

Tire Blow-out Damage

There is nothing more frustrating than a tire blow out when you are on the road. The damage it causes can be extensive and quite frankly it makes you feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach.

No worries, call David’s Repair Service and we’ll come out and begin your road to recovery. We also can tell you the best place to get your tires for recreational vehicles. Call us for more details!


Underbelly Repair

There are great options for your underbelly repairs. It needs to be done right for proper sealing and protection from the road and critters. There is nothing worse than a family of ratatouille mousketeers moving in your RV through the underbelly. Call us for more details.

Side Wall Repair

Don’t drive around with a damaged, bent- beat up or missing side wall. This is a very important part of the structure of your RV. Call David’s Repair Service for information on this repair. We get the part at our cost and give that cost to you! No mark-up on parts!! You pay what we pay. Call for more details.

Fiberglass Repair

Don’t let the hole or crack in your fiberglass sit too long. Depending on what type of damage you have, it can cause major water rot problems in other areas of your RV and then you are out mucho dollars for more repairs. We do fiberglass repairs on the front, back and sides of your RV. We have pictures on our gallery for you to see. Call now for more details. And remember, we don’t mark up the materials we use. You pay what we pay.


Add more excitement to your RV lifestyle by decking out your RV. We do graphics and we can outfit your RV and have you feeling like a champ on the road. Call David’s Repair Service for more details.


Plumbing Fixture Replacement

It’s no fun when your fixtures break or leak. When you have plumbing issues you are out of commission until the problem is solved. Call David’s Repair Service and we can save you money on the parts and fixtures. We order our fixtures through our distributor at our cost and pass that onto YOU! No mark-up whatsoever on anything we use, EVER. David has original and unique ingenuity when he repairs or replaces and that my friend is a rare quality that most do not have. Call us for more details!

Carpet and Flooring Repair and Replacement

David’s Repair Service will replace your old, boring tired and worn out flooring and carpet. We customize the installation technique for each customer’s carpet or flooring replacement job that we do. We go above and beyond the call of duty on this type of job, as we do with everything else we do. Call us for more details.

LP Gas Repair

LP propane is a big staple in your RV. Without propane, your water and your furnace run cold, half of your refrigerator and your stove is out, so what do you do? You call David’s Repair Service. We will come out and perform the diagnostics and repair that is needed to get you up and running again. We also do check-ups, along with upgrades. You can’t do a whole lot when your LP propane is down. So call us and get your propane up and running so you can be a whole camper again.

Toilet Repair and Replacement

This is a subject we ALL know too well. We will repair, replace and even upgrade your throne. Call David’s Repair Service for more information on how we can make you feel like royalty again!


All Plumbing Repairs

There is nothing worse than not being able to use your water systems in your RV due to leaks and breaks. When we repair your plumbing, we do not use standard RV repair parts. David’s Repair Service goes above and beyond the “typical” RV plumbing repair. We DON’T want YOU to call us back! At least, NOT for the plumbing repair we just did. David’s extensive background in repairs gives him the expertise and “know-how” to repair your plumbing so you can feel rest assured the job is “done right and fixed the first time”. Call us today for more details.

Virtually ALL Interior and Exterior Repairs

David has many years of interior-exterior repairs along with his custom woodworking skills. Whether it’s interior or exterior David customizes all of his repairs and it’s a “one of a kind” job when he is done. It not only looks beautiful, but is unique and original in every sense of the word. We have never had a complaint on any job he has done. His repairs are clean and secure and will last you many years to come. Call us for more details on the specific type of woodwork he does along with your interior/exterior needs.

Leveling Your Recreational Vehicle

We all love to Rock-N-Roll, but when your RV rocks and rolls, that’s a different story. If you are running into walls, walking up or down a slope in your living room or falling down because your RV is not level, call David. We treat your RV like a true mobile home! Call us and ask for details!!

Building Custom Porches and Steps

Call David, he uses treated lumber and can build you custom porches or steps. One way or other, we’ll get you in or out the door..


Water Pumps

You got to have water! When your water pump dies, call David’s Repair Service. You pay what we pay. We don’t mark up parts or materials that we use to repair your RV.

Exterior Sealing

David’s Repair Service does exceptional exterior sealing on your RV. Every job that we have done, our customers could not believe how neat, clean and amazing it looked. We take off every bit of sealant, clean the area and reapply new sealant. We take pride in our sealant jobs and it really shows. When we are done, your RV will look completely different and will be sealed up against leaks and critters. Nothing will slip through the crack when we are done. We guarantee that!


Whether your skylight or crank-up vent is cracked and worn and needs replacing, or needs resealing from water leaks or you want the whole thing taken out, David’s Repair Service can fix you up so you can be leak free. Skylights and crank-up vents need immediate attention when you start noticing water leaks and issues that can start wear and tear on your RV. Water is the death of a trailer and the damage that takes place can cost you more money in the long run. Don’t let broken, old skylights or crank-up vents rot out your RV. Call David’s Repair Service for options on repairs or replacements. Stay dry and happy, not wet and cranky!

Fresh Water Systems

Fresh water systems include fresh water tanks, water inlet valves and water filters. If you need any of these items repaired, replaced, added or sanitized, call David. We get all of these items at a low cost that is not marked up. What we pay is what YOU PAY! Make sure your water systems are clean and in working order. Call us for more details and always remember…. “Bacteria is your enemy!”


We Do Not Do


Hydraulics of any Kind

Drive Train or Chassis Work

Tire Replacement or Repairs

Front Driver Windshield Replacements

RV Towing