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2013 Jayco Eagle 288 RLS


Family Travel Trailer purchased with unknown damage

Damage: A customer bought this 2013 Jayco Eagle used and did not realize that the roof had major issues! When customer got home and realized that the roof was in bad condition and repaired incorrectly, they called David’s Repair Service. David’s Repair Service inspected the roof and found waves and dips all throughout the roof. When we opened up the roof we found decking was rotted and under the bad decking all of the studs were broken or split half. The insulation had rotted and was just thrown in. This is not the proper way someone repairs a roof.

Repair: David’s Repair Service David had to rebuild the studs and replace all the decking and insulation and put on new EPDM Rubber Roof and seal it up. Now the RV is ready to roll!